Tamara Forge

Tamara Forge

Tamara Forge is a UK based writer, working from the heart of the New Forest in the south-east of England. Born in 1980, she has lived in this rural country setting all her life and believes it is the source of much of her inspiration.

Tamara has worked as a children's writer for many years, in the capacity of a ghost-writer and more recently as a named author. She is a specialist in children's stories, apps and rhyming tales and she thoroughly enjoys her work.

When I approached Tamara to work with our endearing Roara stories she was very enthusiastic. Dinosaurs and the prehistoric world have always been a big passion of hers, and tyrannosaurus toys and fossil hunting trips interested her as a child far more than dolls or princesses!Tamara has many books and app stories published, including a rhyming tale which was created with her talented Slovenian illustrator, Anita Sarkezi. The title, Mr Peculiar can be found for sale on Amazon in both digital and paper back format.

For more on information on Tamara’s work please visit her website: www.tamaraforge.co.uk

For ratings and reviews linked to Tamara's writing services, please also visit her full profile on the online freelancing agency, Elance.

Tamara on our first episode, ‘Hello Roara’…

“Working with Roara the tyrannosaur was great fun, although I must admit I was a bit nervous at first. She is so huge and her teeth are so big! Roara has a very loud ROAR too. I bought my earmuffs just in case… but she was as good as gold. She told me her story perfectly and when ever she started to get a bit too excited or loud, her friend Shrew who was sat on her shoulder, whispered something in her giant tyrannosaurus ear.”

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