Our Story

My daughter, Marley, and I created a fun, endearing story about a T-Rex named Roara. Roara and her friends will take your child on adventures of the imagination. In our quest to create a wonderful children's book, we're learning so much! Our story started when my daughter was two years old. She has always loved dinosaurs, books, and all sorts of scientific activities. She has been active in the decision making every step of the way. Our stories are for her, and for all children (and their parents!) who love reading, learning, and dinosaurs.

Tamara Forge helped us bring Roara to life in so many ways including character creation and putting the ideas into words.

Since her creation, Roara has been featured in printed books and mobile apps, and has taken us to book fairs, museums, and other fun places across the country. We love to explore, and hope Roara inspires your family to explore as well.

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